1. So Many Angels


So many angels out there
Living right down the block,
In my despair, my darkest hour,
They show up,
Sometimes they bring a home made dinner
Or just sit and talk,
And without knowing, they show me,
The face of God,
So many angels out there
So many angels out there
So many angels out there...

I was boarding the plane
When I got the call,
I could hear my brother's voice shaking, Saying he's gone, he's gone, he's gone,
Through my tears I found my seat
Then a stranger next to me
She took my hand and said honey,
Hold on, hold on, hold on,


There was a girl who helped my mother
In the old folks home,
She'd make her laugh, she'd brush her hair
And put her makeup on,
She didn't know she was my hero
With her gentle ways,
She had no fame, she had no money,
But she was filled with grace...

(Chorus out)

Written by Terry Burns, Pam Rose and Kathy Majeski