"One of the most entrancingly beautiful and timeless set of songs to grace a debut album in many years!"
- Simon Beards, Maverick Magazine, UK 5 Star review!

"Fine songwriting, married to excellent singing and performing with thoughtful arrangements. An entire program of Burns and Kristy could be only one that would satisfy the soul."
- John Apice, No Depression music blog (full stellar review here:)


“Burns & Kristy's "Caravan" is an amazing journey through some of the best songs I listened to this year... I didn't know 'em and I'm glad to have the chance to give coverage to their music.”
- Remo Ricaldone, American Roots DJ, Italy

"BURNS & KRISTY have seduced me with their new CD, Caravan--beautiful vocals and a deep sound that creates a very special atmosphere."
- Mike Penard, ISA Radio, France

Burns & Kristy
Terry Burns and Ron Kristy met after many years as independent musicians and singer/songwriters in Nashville, TN.  They were married in 2004, but it was not until 2011 that  they made the decision to become a musical duo and produce a CD. Terry and Ron launched their debut CD in July 2012  to rave reviews. The single "Blue Paper Boat" from that CD was a Top 3 Finalist in the International Acoustic Music Awards. They currently make their music and their home in Ithaca, New York where they are raising their son near Terry’s roots and family. They are currently recording their new CD. 
Terry Burns
Terry Burns's music has been described as "fresh, contemporary, moving, melodic and fun".  A former staff writer for EMI Publishing, MCA/Universal and Larga Vista Music, her songs have been recorded by many artists, including David Kersh, Lari White, River Road, Alecia Elliott, Ruby Lovett, Pam Rose, Dawn Sears, Jason Sellers, The Burns Sisters, and many more.  Her music has been featured on various TV shows, including "The Fosters",  "Alecia", and "Who Wants to Marry My Dad?".  While in her Early 20's, Terry recorded 2 CDs on Columbia records with her sisters, "The Burns Sisters". She has also recorded an independent CD of some of her favorite tunes that she has written.
Ron Kristy
Ron Kristy has been composing music for Film/TV for many years.  You can hear Ron's music everyday around the globe on shows such as "20/20", "Good Morning America", "Inside the NFL”, and "Dancing With the Stars" to name just a few.  He has composed award winning music scores for "Angel Stories", "Miracle Stories", and "Life after Life" on the Discovery Channel, and "Soul of the Senate - The Robert Byrd Story" on PBS, among many others.  Ron is a former staff writer at Warner Chappell Music in New York.

Depending on the venue, Burns And Kristy perform as a duo, with a couple of band members, or as a full band.

Band Members:

Rich DePaolo
Rich is a multi-instrumentalist (fretless bass, guitar, and vocals), singer-songwriter, and producer/engineer who has continued to be a prominent figure in Ithaca's music scene for many years, in genres as diverse as art rock, folk, blues, and a cappella. Besides being an integral member of the Burns and Kristy Band, he has a critically acclaimed solo release and was a principle writer and collaborator in the Ithaca based avant-rock quintet, Red Letter. In addition to producing and engineering dozens of records and mastering countless more, he has accompanied such notable regional and national performers as Martin Sexton, Sarah Harmer, Jimmy LaFave, and Tom Paxton. He toured extensively with The Burns Sisters Band, Toronto based singer-songwriter Douglas September, and Seattle based Michael Savage & Grace Hearn. He is currently finishing his second solo record.

Janet Cotraccia
Janet has been making beautiful music since she started singing solos in the fourth grade. In high school, she faked her way as an alto as she was so drawn to singing harmonies! In 1990, while living in Oxford, England, she heard the Indigo Girls' first album and was forever enraptured with the capacity of beautiful harmonies to lift the heart. She says that singing with the Burns and Kristy Band nourishes her soul. Her time with the Burns and Kristy Band has further solidified her belief in collaboration and the joy that music can bring to every environment.

Doug Robinson
Doug is a guitarist, bass player, singer, and producer. Doug has had a lengthy career as a performer and studio musician. In addition to being a key member of the Burns and Kristy Band, Doug has toured frequently in the US, Canada, and Europe with the Burns Sisters Band, British acoustic guitar virtuoso, Martin Simpson, ragtime guitarist Bob Brozman, latin bluesman, Tino Gonzales, and Austin songwriter, Billy Eli. In 2003, he performed at Carnegie Hall with Johnny Russo's East Hill Classic Jazz Group, and has been featured in festival performances with European gypsy-swing guitarists, Stochelo Rosenberg and Romane. He also performs frequently with the Ithaca-based Djug Django, gypsy-swing band, The Molly MacMillan Jazz Trio, Jorge Cuevas' Caribe Jazz AllStars, and singer, Sally Ramirez.

Bill King (sometimes plays with our band for outdoor gigs)
Bill plays drums and percussion, and has played for countless configurations of Ithaca's most respected musicians such as The Destination, Hank Roberts, Red Letter, Patti Witten, and Jennie Stearns, in projects ranging from experimental and jazz, to Americana. He is known for his sensitivity and subtlety, expressing an incredible dynamic range in live performance.