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Blue Paper Boat

Written by: Terry Burns, Pam Rose, Cathy Majeski

Give me one good reason why I shouldn't be doing this,
Cause baby I'm doing this,
I'm shutting you out, I'm breaking this down,
We're stuck in this place and all we do is go
round and round and round,
I'm tired, I'm tired, I''m tired, tired of this same old fight,
I know, I know, making up isn't gonna make things right,
And it's breaking my heart, this is so hard,
Oh am I strong enough to let this go...oh,
Oh, let this go...
Give me one good reason, I should pick up that phone,
Cause I aint picking up that phone,
And this thing I'm going through, it's not about you,
It's just that life is short and this is something I have got to do,
I'm finding, finding, finding, forgotten dreams,
Right now, right now, I'm healing old wounds
And sewing up seams,
After all of this time, all of these tears,
I'm finally strong enough to let this go, oh....
Let this go, oh...
Like a blue paper boat, out on the sea
Carrying everything I know
I give it all to the great mystery
I sit on the sand and watch it go....oh,
Watch it go... oh...