Terry Burns
Terry Burns's music has been described as "fresh, contemporary, moving, melodic and fun."  A former staff writer for EMI Publishing, MCA/Universal and Larga Vista Music, her songs have been recorded by many artists, including David Kersh, Lari white, River Road, Alecia Elliot, Ruby Lovett, Pam Rose, Dawn Sears, Jason Sellers, The Burns Sisters, and many more.  Her music has been featured on various TV shows, including "The Fosters" ,  "Alecia" and "Who Wants to Marry My Dad?"   While in her Early 20's, Terry recorded 2 CDs on Columbia records with her sisters, "The Burns Sisters". She has also recorded an independent CD of her favorite tunes she has written, which you can listen to and download on this site.
Ron Kristy
Ron Kristy has been composing music for Film/TV for many years.  You can hear Ron's music everyday around the globe on shows such as "20/20," "The Dog Whisperer," "Inside the NFL,  "Good Morning America," and "Dancing With the Stars," to name just a few.  He has composed award winning music scores for "Angel Stories," "Miracle stories," and "Life after Life" on the Discovery Channel, and "Soul of the Senate - The Robert Byrd Story" on PBS, among many others.  Ron is a former staff writer at Warner Chappel Music in New York.

Burns & Kristy
Terry and Ron met at a mutual friend's party in Nashville TN about 8 years ago. After hearing Terry sing "If I Were The Wind," Ron decided to "take the chance of a lifetime" and wait for her after the party, courageously asking if she'd like to get together sometime and "talk about music..." Since then, they fell in love, got married, and had a sweet little baby boy named Noah Skye. With Noah as their guide, they moved to upstate New York where they have been joyfully raising Noah, playing music regionally, and in July, 2012 completed their first CD together, "Caravan". They are still trying to "catch their breath..."

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